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North America

Tel: +1 (510) 490 3888

Fax: +1 (510) 490 3887



Latin America

Tel: +1 (239) 598 0068

Fax: +1 (239) 280 1238


RMA Procedure

RMA Procedure

  1. Download and fill in RMA Form from here , then send the RMA FORM  to our RMA department by E-mail (

    Or you can fill in the below RMA FORM and submit.

  2. RMA department will reply and offer you RMA number if the problem can not be solved remotely.

  3. Fill in the RMA number to  RMA FORM and  ship  the unit with the printed RMA FORM.

  4. We will fix the product in 10 business days and ship back to the address in RMA FORM.

Warranty Exclusions

The Newland Warranty shall not apply to:

1. any product which has been modified, repaired by other than Newland service or its authorized representatives;

2. defects or damages caused by any third parties;

3. any claimed defect, failure or damage which Newland determines was caused by faulty operations, improper use;

4. any defect or damage caused by natural or man-made disaster;

5. any consumable or equivalent (e.g. cables, power supply, batteries, etc.). The consumable items, such as batteries and cables, carry a 90 day warranty from time of purchase.

RAM Form
If any problems occur to your device, please leave your message here.
Dealer Name:
Product model:
Serial number:
Fault Description:
Verification code
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