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An Open Letter to Newland Customers and Partners

Dear customers and partners,

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new corporate member, Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Speedata"), to Newland Auto-ID family.

As a leading company in PDA and industrial tablet R&D design, Speedata has rich experience in modular design and outstanding product development capabilities. Based on the consensus on developing the industry, meeting customer needs and resource complementing, as well as a shared vision to advance the internationalized process of China’s AIDC industry, we have joined hands with Speedata to create a new chapter of mutual development.

We believe this acquisition will provide a long-term driver for Newland Auto-ID to “serve customers and partners”, “lead product and technology innovations” and “consolidate the leading position in industry”. With the expanded market, better insights into customer demands, more competitive products, technologies, and solutions, and other benefits from this acquisition, we will continue to assist you to grow and achieve your business goals.

The Speedata brand will continue to operate independently, ensuring the continuity of existing customer services and collaborations. Meanwhile, Newland and Speedata will achieve the complementarity of each other, strengthen the advantages in expanding global business channels, product and technical competences and customer service networks and all other areas, you will receive better services and support - more comprehensive products and solutions, more diverse customer services and more future-looking user experience. We believe that this is the best commitment to our mutual growth and success.

As a leading company in AIDC industry, we have made remarkable progress over the past five years. We have won the trust of major accounts and business partners with our products and services in logistics, retail, industrial manufacturing, public transportation, cabinets/gates, and other applications. Our development toward globalization has achieved a new level – market share and brand influence in the EMEA region continue to increase; heavily-customized services have won great satisfaction from many TOP 500 companies in America; the Asian market development plan is expected to bear abundant fruits as we set up branches in Korea, Japan, and India. Meanwhile, we continue to make a substantial investment in R&D and have launched more than 50 new products and obtained 90 patents.

With a commitment to our corporate philosophy of pursuing mutual wins with customers, we will continue to expand our markets, optimize customer services, and create greater values for our customers.

Thank you for your consistent support and trust.


Newland Auto-ID Technology Co., Ltd.

April 15, 2019

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