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PDA Apply to Product Traceability and Out-zone Sales Management

Business Background

Health care products have entered people’s daily production, especially high-end health care products are favored by consumers because of their high nutritional value, but they are also accompanied by counterfeit and shoddy products. In order to combat counterfeit and shoddy products, ensure product quality and protect the interests of consumers, many high-end health care products manufacturers began to do traceability and out-zone sales management on their products.

Users Needs

A well-known large-scale chinese chain of health care products expects to use QR code’s traceability function which generates QR code from the product release date, raw materials, shelf life and place of origin and prints them on the packaging, to achieve the verification in production, sales and use; in addition, because of a great number of outlets, it is difficult to manage end product sales, so it also expects to solve the commodities-fleeing problem through QR code.


In response to customer’s concerns and specific application scenarios, Newland built up a management platform for Chinese large chain stores, which is composed of three major parts: Newland PDA, WLAN and supporting professional software.

Users Benefits

1. Improve efficiency of management:

Through this system, the enterprise can check the stock of each local warehouse, exclusive shop and agent, and the sales data of all exclusive shops at real time. So it provides a timely and accurate data support for the company’s decisions in production and management, which greatly improves the company’s operation and decision-making benefits;

2. Product traceability:

Throughout the whole process of product circulation from warehouse to exclusive shops, the whole chain traceability from factory to consumers can be achieved through uploading product status by scanning the product-specific QR code, so as to completely eradicate fakes and assure product quality and consumer’s interests.

3. Completely eradicate commodities fleeing:

Such products that are not specific to some store but have been privately fled or transferred without permission cannot be identified by the handheld PDA at sale, nor have product information uploaded and inventory eliminated, in this way zero commodities-fleeing is truly achieved.

4. Reduce labor costs:

Work efficiency and accuracy is significantly improved by making inventory and conducting in-out stock and other operations through the handheld PDA, so that labor costs is reduced.

Recommended Products:

For Newland PDA suitable for product traceability and out-zone sales management, we recommend: NLS-PT30 series and NLS-MT65 series.

Product Features              

1. Compact design: easy to carry; more comfort even after a long time intensive operation;

2. Stable WIFI performance: integrated advanced wireless module provides a stable and secure wireless real-time transmission;

3. Powerful supporting tools: the product is delivered with supporting utility softwares such as backup & recovery and application protection, simplifying the operation and configuration of product;

4. Firm and durable: level of protection IP54 and drop height 1.2m guarantee the product’s stable operation even in a harsh environment.

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