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Top Performance Choice: Newland Released the First Industrial Barcode Scanner

It is stylish, solid and easy to operate, integrating capabilities such as fast induction and super barcode reading. As the first industrial scanner of Newland, HR42-HD is set with infrared sensor that can quickly induce and read barcode within 100ms. HR42-HD can not only read high-density barcode, but also can handle postal barcodes. What to do if the barcode is low in contrast, dirty and destroyed, fuzzy and deformed? Don't worry about that, HR42-HD can read it for you.

HR42-HD has powerful data editing capability, customers may skillfully process the scanned data and use the software provided to achieve different application requirements without having received professional training. The kindly non-flicker soft lighting design and accurate cross laser system improve its operational efficiency greatly. Without moving parts, HR42 fortifies itself inside and out with an IP42-sealed and drop resistant (1.8m) housing. The guard of high standard makes HR42-HD fully competent for industrial applications such as production control, product tracking, and warehouse/inventory/distribution/logistics management in harsh environment.

Important Features

The HR42-HD is available now. Get in touch with your local sales office for more information!

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