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Newland HR42 helps cashless expressway toll station passage

Mobile payment has become ubiquitous in China from catering to retail to medical treatment, making people’s lives more convenient.

Newland’s HR42 barcode scanner,a megapixel 2D scanner with outstanding performance,  will start to appear on several expressway toll stations in Fuzhou, Fujian Province this month, as a support facility for expressway toll gate mobile payment. And from then on, drivers do not need to prepare cash in advance, but also avoid waiting for changes. Staff simply uses HR42 to scan the payment code on the mobile phone screen and completes toll collection, which substantially reduces the time from up to 1 minute to 5 seconds at the fastest.

Next, expressways in Fujian will gradually promote the use of mobile payment in toll stations with large traffic flow in the nine prefecture-level cities across the province.


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