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Barcode Technology Makes Our Lives Easier

On April 26, the first Digital China Exhibition concluded successfully in Fuzhou, capital of southeastern China’s Fujian Province. This six-day exhibition spotlighted four pavilions – Digital Fujian, E-governance, Digital Economy and Digital Social Experience. Focusing on the theme of “Digital National Identity Card - Your Ticket into Digital China Era”, Newland Hi-Tech Group showcased its cutting-edge technologies and latest innovative achievements, and provided various vivid application scene simulations to visitors to experience firsthand the benefits those technologies could bring to their lives.


During the exhibition, Newland Group presented a dazzling array of exhibits developed by its subsidiary Newland Auto-ID – EM20 scan engine designed for ticket validators for subways and buses, cost-effective HR22 barcode scanner widely used in retail chains, an upgraded version of FR20 desktop scanner for mobile payments, HR42 megapixel-level barcode scanner, MT90 enterprise data collector for logistics and express delivery services, and more – which attracted wide attention and interest immediately.


By virtue of its consistent efforts in developing barcode reading technologies, Newland Auto-ID constantly rolls out new products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. In its hands-on scanning area, a variety of innovative products targeting the cashless payment, smart transportation and new retail markets were on display. To mix work and play, it offered an interactive area where visitors could try those cool-looking devices and work as a courier, a delivery person, a ticket inspector, an assembly line operator, or a government employee.


At the entrance, the EM20-powered gates were swiftly scanning and checking barcode tickets, with a throughput of 150,000 people over six days. With its  impressive productivity and conveniences, the EM20 was recognized as a star product and won a legion of fans.


In the wake of Newland’s release of the world's first chip containing a national electronic identity security system code, more advanced barcode reading technologies will soon mushroom and make our lives more convenient. Riding the wave of digital development boom, Newland Auto-ID will continue to deliver more secure, more efficient and more convenient barcode scanning solutions and let more and more industries and people benefit from them.