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Newland Terms of Warranty Policy

Terms of Warranty Policy

General Policy

Products offered by Newland Auto-ID (Here inafter called “Newland”) are covered by warranty variated from One year to Five years based on different products. Please contact our local office for detailed information.

Newland warrants only to the first end-userof the product and the below warranty provision is non-transferable, and shall not apply to any Product.

Warranty Applicable Scope:

This warranty applies to all Newland products and warrants them to be free from defects in workmanship, under normal use and service, for the defined period of time from the date of purchase by the firstend-user.

Under this warranty, Newland will repair orreplace, at its option, any unit that fails to perform according to Newland’spublished specifications during the warranty period.

Warranty Non-Applicable Scope:

This warranty will not be provided in case ofthe following circumstances:

1.   Software or damage to the product caused by modification, alteration, misapplication, misuse of, or physical abuse to the product;

2.   Damage caused by product repairing by anyone other than an Authorized Newland Service Center;

3.   Any consumable or equivalent (e.g. cables,power supply, batteries … etc). The consumable items, such as batteries andcable, carry a 90 day warranty from time of purchase.

4. Product not sold by Newland North America Inc or by its authorised distributor/reseller.

5. Product factory default configuration is not for North America / Latin America market.

This warranty also excludes any damage to the product caused by circumstances outside of Newland's control, including but not limited to lightning or fluctuation in electrical power.

How to Get Newland’s Warranty Service

Should the product prove to be defective within the warranty period, please return the product, as described in the RMA procedures that follow, and Newland will, at its option, repair or replace the product, to whatever extent Newland deems necessary to restore the product to proper operating condition, without any charge to you.

If you purchased the product from an Authorized Newland Reseller, please contact the Reseller with the device’s model number and serial number. Your Reseller will contact Newland, on your behalf,to arrange for the device to be serviced.

When calling for service at any of our repair facilities, please be prepared to give the following information:

Product Model No.

Briefde scription of problem

Serial Number

You can find the Serial Number in various places on our products.

Please have your device in hand when you call, and a representative will help you find the number.